"You and I fight for the same cause, the protection of this world"

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avocados are fucking disgusting 


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everyone has seen dicks they didn’t want to see

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So i got a new record player and instead of throwing it out I’m giving it away

What you get
My Old record player.. obviously
you’ll also get some vynals that i’ve acquired 2 copy’s of over the years
The records are:
The weight that you buried- Knuckle Puck
We don’t have each other- Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties
Home, like no place is there- The Hotelier
American Football 2 disk reissue- American Football
Sports- Modern Baseball
You’re gonna miss it all- Modern Baseball
Youth- Citizen
Letters home- Defeater
Take this to your grave- Fall Out Boy
Forgettable (signed by the band)- Sorority Noise
Dulce- Heart to Heart
Heart to Heart- 
Heart to Heart
The Greatest Generation- The Wonder Years
The Upsides- The Wonder Years
Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing- The Wonder Years

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Disney Princesses as sloths.

but why

why not

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#who is the man and who is the myth #we just don’t know

did he even have a script

what if he just walked on set out of nowhere

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I’m just gonna let the world figure this out

What does this mean???? Help????

I just realized that two of my friends are friends with the entirely unattainable guy that I have a crush on and this realization just made him quite a bit more attainable

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